Interiors are where we live, work, rest, learn, meet in business and private, eat meals and drink.

That is why our team, all tools and machines are at your disposal in the field of design and implementation of private and commercial interiors. We design and manufacture space arrangements such as offices, reception desks, meeting rooms, conference rooms, lobbies, offices, show rooms, restaurants and other commercial spaces.

Our designers create extraordinary, unique and effective designs while taking into account the ergonomics and maximum usability of given space.

We are a team with many years of experience in production with materials such as wood, steel, aluminum, glass, plastics and furniture boards, which guarantees reliability and highest quality.

During the implementation we minimize the amount of waste production and use energy-efficient LED lighting for the sake of the natural environment.

Furniture, decorations, wall murals, large-format prints and textiles are an integral part of any interior. We do all of the above, making the interior consistent, friendly and effective.

Your products and services require the best exposure. Exhibition must be clear, easily accessible and attracting the eye of a potential customer. The answer to these needs is delivered by Expo Code – we provide dedicated shelves, displays and stands for products and advertising materials.

Furthermore, Expo Code designs, produces and assembles: shopping islands, shop-in-shop systems, service points, information points, trade stands, gastronomic islands, food courts, shopping islands, service islands, other stands. In the planning process we take into consideration the individual solutions tailored to the on-site regulations and specific requirements. We also provide correct and clear display of 3D letters and logos, as well as other elements of visual identification.

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