Furniture, home electronics, multimedia and every area equipped with proper appliances and accessories are a necessary part of a stand and always are incorporated.

Our furniture also complements the image of exhibition stand as a whole. Designer adjusts the amount of furniture and their placement according to customer’s needs.

Full HD, 4K television, multimedia projectors, projection screens, seamless LED walls, LED screens and sound systems are always at our customers’ disposal. All of them are installed on mobile stands or on walls as a consistent part of the stand.

All stand areas are fully equipped with such appliances and accessories as refrigerators, dishwashers, coffee machines, kettles, ice makers, taps for beer – as requested.

Carpet for exhibition stands

Wykładziny Expo Code – szer. 2m | dł. nawoju 50mb | gramatura 320gr/m2 | certifikat trudnopalności Bfl-S1

RIPS EXPO 029 998 RIPS EXPO 022 925 RIPS EXPO 005 980 RIPS EXPO 033 952 RIPS EXPO 037 913 RIPS EXPO 021 931 RIPS EXPO 035 919 RIPS EXPO 042 954 RIPS EXPO 055 165 RIPS EXPO 054 169 RIPS EXPO 065 914 RIPS EXPO 543 911 RIPS EXPO 313 923 RIPS EXPO 248 214 RIPS EXPO 405 946 RIPS EXPO 890 928 RIPS EXPO 602 184 RIPS EXPO 912 RIPS EXPO 940 RIPS EXPO 892 915

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